Cloud Token  Wallet: Is it just an easy alternative to PlusToken or is it truly A-Plus?

Cloud Token Review - Scam or Not

Are you a cryptocurrency aficionado?

Then chances are that you have already heard about  PlusToken and Wotoken both of which has garnered much attention globally.  If you are wondering about its popularity let us point out the crucial driver. These  cryptocurrency wallets have integrated AI trading bots that generate profits for you on a daily basis. Which mean that you swell up your treasure trove just because you hold cryptocurrency in these wallets. How wonderful is that!

PlusToken started just a year back. It was in May 2018 that PlusToken began with a token price of 0,50$.  Today, in April 2019, it has touched a price point of more than 70$.  Which clearly indicates that all those of us who started investing early in PlusToken made a neat pile of green buck!

Since then many new wallets have tried to replicate PlusToken’s success story. This brings Wotoken in the picture. Wotoken has perhaps  doen a repeat performance of the PlusToken success.  The reason being that iWotoken is built on advanced and robust technology with a cutting edge design.

Recently introduced is Cloud Token. Though PlusToken and Wotoken have been satisfying the investor’s need to make profits, Cloud Wallet has a stand out quality which spells a huge win.

PlusToken’s top executive, Simon,  met with the Cloud Token’s  Chief Tech Officer at the World Blockchain Forum (WBF) in Shenzhen, China. The WBF was held in January this year. This is where  Simon shared this opportunity with all those who were with PlusToken. It created ripples which attracted many followers.

The quality of Cloud Token makes it superior. It has a large database and has the promise of making good money for people and investors.

Cloud Token Trivia:

The token name is  CTO  which is priced at 0,30$

You can expect a monthly profit anywhere between 6% and 12%

An app: Cloud Token app can be downloaded:

It seems cutting edge (more than its competitors)

There is no requirement to SMS code to get registered

Just get a 10 digit invite code from your sponsor to get started.

And here is what you can do:

Download the app from

You will need to enter your invite code. You may use our: Referral Code5183022740

Then you will have to set a six digit PIN for your LOGIN.

You will get a 16 digit login ID and your 6 digit PIN.  Keep these LOGIN details safely and securely.

You will be then directed to the landing page of Cloud Token.

Whenever you want to fill up your wallet just tap the cryptocurrency you want to use for a top-up.

Cloud Token A
Cloud Token B

Click on “deposit” to make your payment. To pay you can scan the QR code or copy the address.

Go to the ‘Projects’ to initiate your AI bot.

Cloud Token C

Click on ‘Jarvis AI’. Choose your currency & put down the amount to be traded by Jarvis AI software.

Cloud Token D
Cloud Token E
Cloud Token F

Remember, Cloud Token is a multi-level referral system. This means that you get commission based on your partner’s earnings.

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